Monday, July 15, 2013

DIY tote bag: danish krone

The first DIY-project: a decorated tote bag! This is a very simple project that you can easily figure out and accomodate yourself. Click below to see the tote bag I made!

First you have to buy the right fabric. I went for a white (but not too white) and solid one. It has to be solid because you often need your tote bag for carrying around loads of stuff. Then sew the thing together! A lot of patterns can be found on the internet or you can make one yourself. I went for the last option (because it isn't that hard). Just remember to make the bag inside out and think twice before you attach the handles. Let's start!

The next step is to think about which decoration you want on the side. I was making this for a friend I met in Denmark so I thought the danish krone would add a nice personal touch. I found this image on the internet and printed it out in high contrast so the lines were very well visible.

Then I cut the lines out by using a utility knife. You could also do it with scissors if the lines are more easy to follow. Make sure you keep all of the small pieces you have cut out (otherwise your O will be a dot in stead of a circle). You have a template now.

I took this picture after using the template and as you can see, it can be reused. I placed this template on the outside of the tote bag while on the inside several magazines prevent that the paint would leave marks on the other side. I secured the template with pins (pinned through the fabric and into the magazines) so that it would not be able to move when I was going to stamp.

For the stamping I used a simple old sponge and acryl paint. Do not apply the paint directly onto the sponge but first on a plastic box or container which you can throw away afterwards. When doing this, you can moderate the amount of paint easily.

Before starting on your tote bag, take a piece of the same fabric to try out how the fabric will react to the paint. I mixed the colors here too to see which color I should apply first (I wanted them to overlap just a little bit). As you can see, the top one has a much better finish than the bottom one.

Then you can start stamping! When you are done, gently remove the template and let the paint dry. The paint dries very quickly so after a few hours I secured the paint with water protection (I normally use this for coats and shoes) and hair spray. After the hair spray the fabric sticks a lot but just let it dry long enough. Have fun with your tote bag!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

What would you put on your own DIY tote bag?


  1. Very cute! I love Danish currency. I once made a bracelet with coins that had holes in them, the kroner being one of them.

    1. Thank you. I am wearing one coin in a bracelet too! I love Denmark in general :)