Monday, July 8, 2013

Shoplog beauty: summer

I bought a few beauty products while waiting for the sun to start shining. As you can see there are a lot of warm and bronzy products. I think these colors look great when your skin is a little tanned. Click below to see the swatches and some short reviews!

I couldn't resist to put my new candles from Ikea in the picture above. They smell like coconuts which is one of my favorite scents in summer. I'll do some short reviews here but don't take it too serious since I am far from a beauty-expert :)

ESSENCE sun club: glamour to go eyeshadow - 02 long beach - 3, 59 EUR / 7, 5 g
(Swatches are top row - bottom row) I am very happy with this eyeshadow palette. Although some eyeshadows are a bit chunky, I think the overall pigmentation is quite good. Almost all colors are shimmery except in the two browns of the top row the shimmer is not that prominent. The browns from the top row are more glittery-gold, while the ones from the bottom row are more glittery-silver. 

ELF brightening eye color - 2001 butternut - 1 EUR / 3, 5 g
Compared to the essence palette, this one is very bad pigmented. The highlighter hardly shows up from my skin. But hey, my expectations weren't too high for such a cheap product.

ELF duo eyeshadow cream - 7101 butter pecan - 1 EUR / 3 g
Sorry, I took the picture after I already used it once! The colors look promising on the swatch but I have to say the one time I used it I was a bit disappointed. Only after 2 hours the one thing left was an oily shade. I have to say I didn't use eyeshadow base or powder eyeshadow. Next time I'll try both of them.

ELF shimmer eyeliner pencil - 7605 boldly bronzed - 1 EUR
CATRICE kohl kajal - 140 chocwaves - 1, 99 EUR
BOURJOIS khôl & contour shadow & light - 13 brun & caramel - 7, 99 EUR
The ELF eyeliner pencil is a product I am very enthusiastic about! I think the color is gorgeous: dark copper with a nice shimmery finish. The CATRICE pencil is a good buy if you are looking for a simple eyepencil. The structure is very creamy and thick which leaves a lot of pigment (I like!). I also like the shadow & light pencil from BOURJOIS. The price is from a higher range but the fact that two great colors are combined in one pencil makes up for that. The colors are easy to apply and blend. It is perfect for your holiday/festival - kit!

ELF shimmering facial whip - 1207 golden peach - 1 EUR / 9,5 g
CATRICE prime and fine highlighting powder - 010 fairy dust - 4, 59 EUR / 11 g
On to the highlighters then! On the left the cream highlighter by ELF. According to them you can use it as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow or you can even apply it on your lips. I think this is a great color for women with a darker skin. I was afraid it was going to be too dark for my pale skin but if you only apply a little dot to your sun-kissed cheeks, it will look great.  Definitely in combination with a sunny bronzing powder. When using only a little dot, you can use the product for at least last two years I think! I also think it will be great to use as an eyeshadow base. But maybe I am even more enthusiastic about the highlighting powder from CATRICE. This leaves a more subtle shimmer but nevertheless oh-so-pretty (left picture without flash, right picture with flash). This is a perfect highlighter for newbies, just because of the subtle but healthy glow. It also contains a lot of product.

ELF lipstick - 7708 charming - 1 EUR / 3,5 g
ESSENCE stay matt lip cream - 01 velvet rose - 1, 99 EUR / 4 ml
The ELF lipstick I can be short about: I love it. The color is great (see right and top on the pictures), it feels comfortable and lasts even after eating an apple! But about the ESSENCE lip cream: at first I didn't have any idea what to do with this because it looks like a lip gloss but it has a matt finish. The first two times I had a hard time applying the right amount which caused me looking like some plastic doll. Finally the third time, I managed to give it a good look. This time I only used one swipe while the first time I used several, trying to color my lips with it. But now, I think it looks quite okay (but you can still see the problem where my lips touch, left and bottom on picture).

SCHWARZKOPF beauty oil - 4, 50 EUR (i think) / 50 ml
ELF makeup mist & set - 4 EUR / 60 ml
ELF lengthening & defining mascara - 10817 black brown - 1 EUR / 2, 5 ml
ELF eyelid primer - 7501 eyelid primer - 1 EUR / 5 ml
I didn't take separate pictures of these products because I am going to be very short about them. The beauty oil by SCHWARZKOPF is my top-product for my curly, frizzy hair. I bought it for my dry ends and it worked immediately. In the mean time I've got a haircut and the product still does its magic! I could recommend it to anyone with even slightly longer hair. I thought the make up fixation from ELF would be useful for summer when you can use this extra bit of fixation. And indeed, it does that very well. I especially needed this for my blush and concealer and when using this product, it is still on my cheeks by the end of the day. The ELF mascara doensn't work for a bit but this is partly my fault: I had opened it already to check it before I decided to use it one month later. By that time the mascara had dried out completely. I couldn't do anything with it (in fact, I threw it away after taking these pictures). So even if it initially works, by a month it is or dried out or already out of product (it contains very little). The eyeshadow base from ELF does its work quite well. I do have oily eyelids and with this eyeshadow base the eyeshadow only creased a little after a full day!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

What are your new beauty-buys for this summer? 

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