Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Currently testing: screen haircare

Last time I went to the hairdresser she used a new shampoo and conditioner for my frizzy curls from the brand called Screen. Instantly, my hair felt smoother (only after one wash!). She tried the conditioner as well and meanwhile she had me hooked too. Read on for more info about this all-natural product line!

This is the shampoo. I bought this one at my hairdresser for 15,95 euro. Not as cheap as the shampoos at the supermarket but all-natural products come with a price. I have the hydrating products from the "purest"-line. This hydrating 'family' (as they call it) has as its basis organic aloe vera leaf juice that is essential for deep hydration. The products promise to be highly moisturizing, regenerating and to give elasticity. It is highly nourishing for the hair but offers at the same time protection from the elements. The shampoo and conditioner protect from dehydration and give strength, shine and manageability (that last thing is very important for my untamable curls).

This is the list of ingredients if you are interested. The products from the 'purest'-line are all paraben, colorant and alcohol free. Practically everything harmful for the environment is not in there. It's all about nature and the essentials of the products.
" Purest means to eliminate everything superfluous. We gave up the tricks and artifices of ingredients that make products more attractive. "

I received some samples of the conditioner too. The shampoo cannot do its work properly if you combine it with products from another brand or, even worse, products that are not all-natural. Then the unique working of this product will all go to waste. This should be enough for 4 times washing.

I have used the products the two last times I washed my hair and I can already see a difference. It feels a lot smoother, even in the shower. The thing with my curls is that I only comb them through when they are wet and while the conditioner is still in my hair and after I rinsed it. Otherwise there would be no start or end to it. I thought silicons would have a smoothing effect but these products work just as well to comb my hair through. When I let my hair dry, I feel it is still a bit frizzy but after one night of sleeping and the next days, it is a lot less frizzy. I only seem to be having one problem: I feel that my hair isn't washed as well as with a normal shampoo. That may only be a feeling because I make a lot of foam when washing my hair and that is not the goal of this shampoo. So it may be something I have to get used to or I have to upgrade my washing-technique.

I'll keep you posted about the further testing-trails!

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

What do you think of all-natural hair products?

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  1. Ziet er goed uit! Ik heb ook krullen, en net wat je zegt; met een conditioner in je haren is het makkelijker uit te kammen, als het nog nat is! Het lijken mij fijne producten, vooral omdat het helemaal pure is!