Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bright days #1

In this category I will share with you some nice things I did in the recent past. At the end of the day I write down one thing that made my day bright. Some of these I will share with you!

Finally getting to watch that movie and loving it
I have really wanted to watch Lars and the real girl for quite a while now. Today, it was finally the time. When R. popped the question "What movie do you want to watch tonight?", I knew the mood was right for some Ryan Gosling magic. I genuinely loved the movie and this has noting to do with Ryan's looks. Seriously, go watch it.

Hitting "Send"
I have been pondering on sending an e-mail to the promotors of my dissertation all summer long. But because I didn't have any good news, I was postponing it until something good came along. Today, I finally showed some balls and updated them about my research. The news wasn't all positive but at least I had something good to bring. So while awaiting the response, I am just going to enjoy this feeling of hitting Send.

Donating blood
Multiple times a year the Red Cross holds a big fundraising to mobilize the students in the city to donate their blood. So, every year many students give their blood for the higher good and receive a goodie bag in return. I participated today for the third time. The two times before I did feel a bit dizzy and weak afterwards but this time everything went well. Also, this is the only occasion I drink a coke. I then figure my blood sugar has priority over my aversion for carbonic drinks. So by donating my oh-so-useful type O blood, I saved a life today!

What were the nicest moments of your week?

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