Friday, November 29, 2013

Maybelline baby lips

Yesss, I finally found them! The Maybelline baby lips have found their way to the Belgian counters. Click below to see my excitement expressed through multiple pictures of this one product!

There were only three out of the five versions available. Unfortunately, the two colored ones (pink and red) were not delivered at the store. So I went for the next best thing: the yellow version with hints of cherry and almond.
So far, I've only tried it once. Yes, it was moisturizing but I at this time I don't see (yet) what the hype is all about. But I've put it in my purse to use for the upcoming cold wintery weeks.

For Belgian readers: I found this Maybelline Baby Lips at Di.


  1. Ok, nu ga ik eens een bezoekje brengen aan de di, want ik wil zo graag zo baby lips!

  2. Ik wil deze ook al een hele tijd, ziet er me zo fijn uit!

  3. Leuk artikel! Ik heb de blauwe en de oranje versie en ik vind ze super fijn!