Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in highlights

On the last day of the year a short overview of my personal highlights of 2013. Let's all recap and get nostalgic!

Like the past few years, my year started with a serious exam period for the whole month January. Luckily I passed on all of them and in the beginning of february I treated myself to a trip to Amsterdam to visit a friend.

The first weekend of february I explored Amsterdam in two short days. The rest of winter is all a bit of a blur. School started again and I was mainly working on my thesis. I do remember one particular friday night in March when we invited all of our high school friends over to our place. Although I do not have a decent picture, this night is worth mentioning here. Believe me.

At the start of spring, I travelled to China for ten days. This were the best days of 2013. Together with three friends we visited a friend who was studying in Nanjing. We made a round trip to Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai and Suzhou. Those were the days!

With June coming closer, the exams were approaching again. At the beginning of June, I celebrated my birthday with milkshake, sunny weather and... forensic psychology. My exams went well and at the end of June I also started this blog!

My summer holiday kicked off with an Erasmus reunion. I got to see my international friends from my exchange in Denmark again! These were definitely one of the ultimate highlights too. It had been two years since I last saw some of them and if I had the chance, I would hang out with them daily. We met in Leipzig and had an erasmus-like week: hanging out, drinking, talking and feeling good.

The rest of summer I divided my time between working a summer job and enjoying the Belgian weather from the garden. We also spent one day at the zoo.

At the end of summer I went to the Belgian music festival Pukkelpop. Six years ago R. and I became a couple at this very festival. We celebrated here again as we did several years before. We both still love music and can be very passionate about live shows. These 3 days were a great way to end my summer. On the picture you can see one of my favorite acts, Crystal Castles.

By the end of August I had started my internship in clinical psychology for 8 months. I got to explore the profession and I learned a lot about myself and what I want in life. I made this picture once on the way home after a successful day. I ended the first period of my internship in mid december.

In 2013 I discovered a thing that I actually love to do in my spare time: baking! The best thing is that I even dare to make time for this. This is my new favorite hobby.

Right before Christmas I went a weekend to Copenhagen with R. (Expect a travel report soon!) Returning to Denmark with him was bound to be lovely.

As you can see, my highlights of 2013 mainly consist of trips and exploring new things. For me personally the last months of this year were about discovering my own interests and preferences. I learned a lot about myself this year. I hope to be able to proceed this path in 2014. More about this last topic tomorrow, in 2014! What were your personal highlights of 2013?

Happy new year celebrations to all of you!