Friday, December 6, 2013

Chocolate chip cookies & cream cupcakes

This week I got a new baking book! Normally I am not such a huge fan of cupcakes but for chocolate chip cookies & cream and a new recipe book I'll make an exception. Click below to see the baking process.

Start off with the dough for the cakes. These have cocoa powder in it but if you don't like chocolate cakes, you can leave this out. Next time, I will probably try it like this for a change. The rest of the dough consists of flower, butter, baking powder, salt, milk, eggs and a lot of sugar. Fill up your cups for 2/3 with this dough.

On to the chocolate chip cookies. Break them into easy to bite chunks.

Fill up the rest of the cups with these chunks.

Put them in a 170°C preheated oven for 20-25 minutes.

They'll look like this! Let them cool completely.

On to the frosting: this consists of more sugar, more butter and more chocolate chip cookies! Decorate your cakes with a royal amount of this cream.

One step further and almost done! With the crumbs of the cookie chunks you can finish it all off.

Et voilĂ , you're done!

The full recipe can be found in this book. I am very glad with this purchase. Especially around Christmas you will see more of these recipes in practice.

Some more foodporn below to wrap this post up.


  1. Dit ziet er heerlijk uit, ik krijg er behoorlijk honger van!

    1. Dankje Tineke! Ze waren ook behoorlijk lekker :)