Wednesday, December 25, 2013

DIY alternative Christmas tree

Christmas day is the ultimate deadline for posting my DIY alternative Christmas tree. This step-by-step tutorial will explain how to make a space-saving Christmas tree without damaging your walls permanently. Due to circumstances I wasn't able to post this earlier but I am still very excited to share this project with you so without further ado, here we go!

First collect some fine branches. Ideally, they don't have too much little branches or flowers and it's easier to work when they are not fragile. Collect them in advance because you want them to be dry. These came from my own garden.

With a tapeline you can determine the size of your tree, depending on the space you have. Mine is about 1,5m. Select branches that match the style you want to create. I went for straight branches because that is the easiest to work with.

For the next step you need a fine natural-colored rope. Take a piece that has at least three times the length of your tree.

Divide the rope in two. With the loop you make a knot on the lowest branch of the tree. Then you work your way up by tying the branches together by just making a knot (with the two ropes together) and putting the branch trough it. When it is still lying on the ground, it doesn't look very firm but when the tree is hanging on the wall later on it will tighten because of the weight. This step requires the most time and work. 

Do the same on both ends of the branches. Tie the ropes together at the top. This way you create an opening were you can hang your tree.

On to the wall-hanging! The only thing you need is a nail. You don't even have to use a new nail, I just removed a painting that was hanging on this nail. For a couple of weeks, the painting has to move for this Christmas tree.

Before hanging the tree, you can choose to use a transparent cloth underneath to protect your wall. I secured this to the two lamps that were hanging above the painting. Alternatively, you can use the same nail as where the tree is hanging and cut the cloth out in the shape of your tree. Do not cut the ends of the ropes you used to hang the tree. You will need them in the next step.

I made a star to decorate the top of the tree. Lash a couple of branches together and decorate. You can use the ends of the ropes to tie this star to the top of your tree.

Add lights! I used lights that had an iron wire connecting them. This was very easy to layer them in the way I wanted. You can just weave and zigzag them through the ends of the branches.

Then you can decorate it further as you wish. I wanted to keep the tree sober and simple. I still had these fake flowery-branches lying around somewhere and thought they might come in handy here. I used a few in their natural color but at some point I wanted to add more glitter...

So I decided to spray a few of them gold!

As you can see, it is not a huge difference but just adds that little bit more. Still sober, but elegant. You can attach them by putting the ends through the knots of the branches.

The final decorations were these cute glittery pompoms. These were originally connected with a fine transparent line but I cut them loose and used the line to hang them on the branches.

And you're done! You can of course choose whichever way you want to decorate your tree but I went for this simple and natural style. A few more close ups of the final result below. 

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas! 

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